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Golfer’s New Years Resolution

We’re all guilty of it. Just as quickly as we make a New Year’s resolution, we break it.

I’m here to help. This New Year’s resolution for golfers will absolutely help your game as long as you find some qualified professionals to help you.  During your search for these professionals, make sure to check for their credentials as you would a doctor or lawyer.  I’m sure you wouldn’t go to either one of those without knowing more about them.

First, find a certified TPI professional who will be able to give you a complete physical evaluation and then provide you with a custom workout.  This evaluation is vital in unlocking the body potential by identifying any physical limitations.  The custom workout in an on-line based exercise routine that will last @6 weeks should also include pictures, a binder and a website tutorial.

Second, find a highly skilled golf instructor/coach by checking for credentials.  This may cost you more money per lesson, but is well worth it if he does the following: tells you about your plan for improvement; and, technology-wise, offers high-speed video analysis at the very least.  If all the best players in the world use it to improve, why wouldn’t you want to use it too?  His program better include supervised practice sessions.  Golf IS extremely hard to learn with somebody helping you and almost impossible to learn by yourself.

Finally, see if your instructor/coach knows somebody that is a great club fitter and make sure he is also qualified.  Ask your coach/instructor to either be there with you during the fitting or call the fitter to let him know about your swing changes.

If you don’t do that you’re not going to get properly fit.  Book this appointment in advance so they will have time if needed to obtain a few different manufacturers in order for you to have options.    Don’t buy a set off clubs because your favorite player plays them.  Get the ones that you hit the longest as well as the straightest!  The fitter requires a launch monitor.  Check your area for, “TrackMan,” as this is the cream of the crop and the one that every leading manufacturer uses to test their product with their touring professionals.



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