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Golfers require a player-specific program.

Since no two PGA Tour swings the same, they require different types of golf physical training. How can a golfer-specific program be designed without first knowing what the player requires?

Can one just assume that everyone will train the same exact way?  To maximize individual potential, golfers require a proper diagnosis that’s complete.  That requires golf instructors or golf coaches to create an evaluation.  This evaluation should include a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) body assessment, swing evaluation, efficiency test on body rotation, efficiency test on golf club performance, and a short game test.  Then, and only then, can a specific program be developed which will get students the results they are looking for.

If we continue to train every student the exact same way, how are they going to reach their full potential?  What happens to individual creativity that all touring professionals have?  Would Jim Furyk be on the PGA Tour if he was to train this way?  What about if somebody tried to change Jack Nicklaus’s putting stroke?  Would he be the dominant player that he was?  No way!  Nicklaus was one of the best putters on tour and I never see anyone teach that style of putting.  But I’m sure if somebody was to see that style now, they would almost certainly change it to a more traditional style.  Why would anyone do that?  Because it doesn’t meet the model they have in their head?

Educated instructors are knowledgeable in knowing exactly what you will require.  They have been specifically trained by instructors from well respected programs.  These instructors know the true essentials of the game and will get you shooting consistent scores.

The problem with our field is we don’t have a system in place to weed instructors out.  This creates a problem where anyone can say they are a golf instructor.  What makes these people think they are a golf instructor?  Because they say they are?  Maybe they read a book, possibly a magazine or two or maybe even three. Or is it because they play golf?  Does that actually make them qualified?  I don’t think so. Do you?  If that’s the case why are we spending thousands and thousands of dollars sending our kids to universities to gain an education?  Can’t they just read a book and call themselves doctors, lawyers or accountants right out of high school?  If they were to do that, what are the chances of them succeeding?  Slim to none if you ask me. The reason for that is that in their field they MUST meet certain requirements to work unlike what we have in the golf world.

I suggest that you find the most qualified instructor and he will be able to create that specific program for you.  That means having to do some research on their credentials and if they don’t have any, continue your search.  They should be able to show you certificates of what programs they have completed, just like other professionals.  You would never go see a doctor, lawyer, or accountant because they say they are one, would you?  I hope you wouldn’t, and if you did I hardly think you would get the results your looking for.  You go to them because of their credentials.  So why wouldn’t you choose a golf instructor in the same manner?  I think it’s because of cost and the fact the chances are slim that you’ll get hurt.  If golf was more of a dangerous sport, I hardly doubt anyone would ever go to anyone that isn’t a qualified instructor.


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