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The 2 things every golfer should have in their bag.

Every golfer should have a couple of alignment sticks and a stretch towel in their bag.  These are the two simplest aids that can, and will if used correctly, create a better golf swing.   Best part apart it; both of these products combined are rather inexpensive at $30.

Let’s start with the alignment sticks.  These are by far and away the most useful tool available for golfers.  I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have these in their golf bag.  The can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s for under $2 apiece.  They call them driveway markers.  Below are 10 ways that I have my students using them:

  1. To properly align yourself to the target.  These are great when working on the mechanical side of practice.
  2. Perfect for ball position.  The only issue is if you are hitting off the grass.  Simple way to combat that problem is to tee up the ball.  Teeing the ball up is great (and I will explain why in another blog).
  3. Can easily place into the ground to serve as slide/sway indicators.
  4. Used for swing plane if placed on a parallel plane to the club you’re hitting.
  5. Stuck vertically in the ground along your toe line to prevent the club from ripping inside.
  6. Jammed inside the butt end of the grip to indicate the club being on plane at the top of the swing.
  7. Perfect for stopping the flip from happening during chipping and pitch shots.
  8. Placed in the ground on an angle perpendicular to your stance line approximately one arm’s length away from your body to prevent you from casting the club.
  9. Attached to the body to indicate body positions.
  10. As goal posts to start the golf ball in the direction of the target.

I could go on, but I think you get my point.  Many swing issues can be easily addressed with these simple and inexpensive alignment sticks.

The stretch towel could possibly be my favorite.  Flexibility in the golf swing is extremely important and this does exactly that.  Use it before practice or playing a round to get loose, during practice and after practice to keep the body from tightening back up.  Adding stretching to your training will allow you to hit it longer and help prevent injuries from happening which allows you to play longer in life.



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