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Simplest Way to Lowering Your Scores!

One thing most golf infomercials do is entice you to purchase a new driver by promoting increased distance of the tee.  These new drivers don’t necessarily come with shooting lower scores.  How can it, since that’s only a small percentage of the game?  I’m here to talk about the part of the game that takes up 40 percent of golf shots, used twice as much as any other club during the round and is never discussed on TV — PUTTING!

Improving your putting can easily lower your scores if you really think about it.  How many times could you have broken 90 or even 80 if you had made one more putt?  How about that putt you missed that cost you lunch against your buddies?  I’m sure you would want to have that one back because we all would.  Use this link to see how much more money tour players would have earned if they just made one more putt per round.

Now that I’ve got your attention let’s get down to business.  Improving your putting is rather easy once you understand exactly what it takes.  First thing — you must have is a properly fitter putter.  This is the BIGGEST factor that requires attention!  If the putter doesn’t fit you, you produce a compensated stroke that yields very little results.  A properly fitted putter allows you to:

  1. Get into the correct posture
  2. Create better aim and path
  3. Minimize excess body movement
  4. Improve distance control

Now that the putter is custom-fitted to your specifications, we have a better chance to hit what we are aiming at.

The next factor to becoming a better putter:

Getting you to read the greens better so that you can aim properly.  One thing is for certain, there are way too many myths in green reading and without getting the facts it’s almost impossible to improve.  I highly suggest looking into AimPoint green reading clinics.

This Emmy-award winning technology, which is used on the Golf Channel during PGA Tour events, is amazingly accurate and easy to learn.  These clinics teach you to understand certain features that affect your ball.  After understanding these features you won’t be standing behind the ball guessing where to aim it.  Use this link to learn more about AimPoint Golf green reading


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