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7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – “The Experience”

This is one experience that I will never forget for a number of reasons.  I felt much like what an average golfer goes through.  I’ve used TrackMan on a daily basis for almost two years now.  The three topics I talked about have been discussed literary hundreds if not thousands of times before.  But to record this video, I had to go through the process completely different then what I was accustomed too.  This now took my out of my comfort factor and it felt foreign to me.  I didn’t know how to act without having another person to engage with.  I felt like a golfer who feels like they hit it great on the range, but can’t take it to the course.  That’s who I literally felt like during this whole process.   Never mind that the previous 6 videos were awesome and let’s not forget about the additional pressure by having the final episode.  I’m pretty sure you know that feeling I’m referring to.  It’s the one that gets your stomach tied up in knots when you arrive on the first tee.   You get that feeling because of a false sense of security mainly from of how well you think you practiced all week.  The pressure of playing well is now staring you in the face and you’re not prepared to handle it.  Well you can relate that to how I use TrackMan in teaching versus using TrackMan in a video.  Since I was not prepared to perform this action by myself, I became nervous. The more I made mistakes, the worse I got.  Does that sound even more familiar?  Further proof to the situation was when a good friend of mine stopped by.  I was struggling at a specific point in the video, and I explained it perfectly to him.  But when I had to record it, the whole process changed again.  I quickly reverted back to the same mistakes I was making before.

So what does this mean?  I’ll never be able to do it or you will never be able to take it to the course?  Well you and I may never if we both don’t break our comfort factor.  Golfers don’t like to practice in a way that reflects how the game is played.    Hitting golf ball after golf ball with the same club doesn’t recreate the same situation found on the course.  Golfers need to add constant variety to their practice, but doing that makes it so much harder.  Not many people like doing things that they feel are too difficult.  I’m no different in that respect, I don’t like doing videos alone, so we both shy away from doing those things.  We can change this by how we practice. I vow to get better are creating videos by producing more of them by myself. The more I do these the more comfortable I’ll become.  You should vow to add variety to your practice even if you are not doing it well at first. If we commit to the process of learning, in time we will improve at what we both want to do well.

I would first like to thank Jason Helman for inviting me to participate in the 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy.  This is one amazing group of dedicated professionals to be associated with.   Second, without all of you in Twitter land this would never have happened.

Thank you,

Dennis Sales


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