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Fear the Bermuda Triangle?

I’m starting to see a interesting phenomenon going on.  Golfers are really making me believe that they must think our putting green is like the Bermuda Triangle.  The only reason I can come up with is they have been so baffled by it’s mysteries that they tend to just skip it entirely.  Don’t they realize that improving at golf requires them to improve their shots on and around the putting green?  Since nobody ever seems to want to work on this essential scoring area, I can see why golfers handicaps haven’t actually dropped.

Literally for the last two weeks the weather has been magnificent and golfers are heading to the driving range in droves.  As you can see in the picture I provided, the putting green is right in the middle of the pro shop, access to the driving range and first tee.  Thus forming the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.  We must of had at least 200 people the last few weeks practicing, well so called practicing.  Maybe if the green was lucky, a few dozen golfers were actually on it.  Well, a few less then that, especially if you take out the golfers who walked over it to get to the driving range faster.

My question becomes why are golfers so infatuated with pounding golf balls trying to develop a better golf swing and not spending time improving their short game?  Maybe it’s because they have been so purplexed by the putting green that they just prefer to completely bypassed that part of the game during practice?  Maybe thinking that having 36 putts per round is the norm and having a few extra putts is ok?  Maybe the fear of blading another wedge across the green has them worried about what other’s would think?  Well that is ok if your not expecting to improve your golf scores.

Let me clue you in on a little secret which might make all the difference in the world.  Three of the four most important performance factors involve the actions that go on and around the putting green.  Simply receiving the key factors that go into each swing technique will help you on and around the green.  I would suggest you start learning how to read greens first.  Seriously, if you can’t read a golf putting green, how do you expect to hit a shot close or make any putts?  Being able to read a golf putting green will help you chip and pitch the golf ball closer to the hole.  Knowing what the golf ball will do on the putting green is another essential skill that encompasses golf.  Start taking the mystery out of the putting green by looking into what AimPoint Golf can do for your game.  If you’re serious about your golf improvement, then getting yourself into a golf lesson program or a comprehensive golf coaching program will certainly help you achieve that.  If your just looking to improve a specific skill, then find a performance enhancing golf clinic that focuses specifically on one of them.  You’ll be glad you did, once your scores start dropping.


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