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TrackMan Golf with Video Integration

For as long as many of us can remember, video has always been an integral part of golf instruction.  What many don’t realize is that video really only captures the specific style of each player.  This is extremely evident if you have been following golf over the years, since no golfer has ever swung the club the same.  The key, which video doesn’t capture is the quality of the motion.  It’s impossible for video to capture this type of data since sensors are need to measure rotational speed and forces.  The forces I’m referring to are the ones that start from the ground with your feet, then move through the body and if done efficiently, deliver not only great speed but plenty of force into the back of the golf ball.  That my friends, can only being measured via 3D motion analysis software like K-Vest for instance.  This isn’t a motion analysis blog so I’m going to get right back to the topic at hand and will be discussing 3D motion shortly.

Video is and can be important since it is one of the three common categories of learning styles.  TrackMan for years has been recognized as the best ball flight tracking system on the planet and can seriously help a golfer accelerate their leaning process.  It accelerates learning because it measures what video can’t see, the collision between the golf ball and club.    Incorporating video into TrackMan’s already amazing data capture can really help that visual learner see the 3d images of ball flight, club path, face angle and plenty more layered into the video.  Now golfers can see their swing along side the indispensable data collected if the instructor choices to show them.  That 3D graphics overlay is an incredible addition and a vital tool for that visual learner.

Now that I’ve talked about how TrackMan can help that visual learner, I’m now going to talk about the second category of learning.  That second category is the person who needs audio communication to learn.  If you’re that golfer who only needs verbal commands such as your swinging to much from inside out or your getting step again, then TrackMan can help that golf accelerate their learning as well.  TrackMan Golf has an audio feature that speaks the specific data points the individual needs to hear in order to improve.  This gives the power back to the student to learn and figure out things pretty much on their own.  This type of learning is called “Discovery Learning” which is by far and away the best way to learn and own your swing.

The most amazing part of TrackMan, if you stop and really think about things, TrackMan can help every golfer improve unlike many training aids that are only designed for a specific fault.   The biggest reason I can say that is we all need to understand and learn exactly what the golf ball reacts to.  TrackMan also doesn’t care what method or style you decide to employ into your golf swing as long as it produces good impact alignments.  It only measures and displays the vital key factors that coincide with the ball flight laws.  So in all actuality, it only really cares about what the golf ball cares about.  Now if you can only get yourself to understand the key factors that go into controlling the flight of your golf ball then you will be able to break that ball striking barrier that currently faces you.


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