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Here is a great example of what I’ve been talking about in how important a player knowledge or understanding is.  Specifically one that focuses around the ability to control a golf ball. After reading this I’m pretty sure you’ll see the light on why TrackMan Golf is such an important tool in ones ability to improve as a golfer.  First and foremost it provides golfers quantifiable data and helps sets goals for a golfer to strive for, based specifically on the skills they need improvement on.  The quantifiable data I’m referring to is club path, face angle and plenty more that TrackMan is able to collect as well as store.  So going back after a few sessions to see improvement is easy.

Every golfer I’ve meet wants to improve their scores.  They should for that matter since that is what we all are truly being judged on.  Unfortunately, they really don’t have an exact plan in place or really know how to practice effectively.   So they set themselves on a journey searching for the perfect golf swing based on variables that differ from golfer to golfer.  That in my eyes really sets them up to hit a significant roadblock in their golf improvement.  If they would learn the essential skills necessary to create consistency in their swing, then the roadblock would be lifted and better golf scores would most certainly be in their future.

TrackMan Golf is the best golf swing analysis software available to coaches and golfers to use.  Getting a true golf swing evaluation on your current ball flight and golf swing will certainly shed some light on what is going on at the most important aspect of the golf swing, the moment of impact.  Having a coach that can measure the science behind the impact collision sets what is real and feel off and running in the same direction.  Right now, I see them very far apart from one another in too many golfers.  Even Tiger Woods, who is the best player to ever have played the game really didn’t know what really happens at the moment of truth (see video below and watch it for yourself).  Now that he has learned it and has work with Sean Foley on TrackMan, his ball striking at Bay Hill over the weekend was nothing short of amazing.  Especially on such difficult conditions the course provided the players on Sunday’s final round.  When was the last time Tiger hit the ball as consistent as he did?  I’m a big fan of him and don’t recall him ever being #1 in Total Driving.  I remember him hitting it pretty far but never a straight hitter.  I personally think that having a coach who uses TrackMan with him has certainly helped that part of Tiger’s game.  So take the time just like Tiger has and understand what the golf balls reacts too and start hitting the golf ball like never before.


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