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TrackMan Golf: Build a Better Understanding

Many golfers who have actually been on TrackMan absolutely love the training options the unit provides. Unfortunately not every golfer truly understands the importance of practicing with one and how it can improve your golf swing.  Being able to gather accurate data concerning the flight of your ball is a essential part of being able to play golf more consistently.  The only way to gather that type of information is from using the premier golf swing analysis software available to golfers.  TrackMan Golf is the industries best when it comes to club delivery and measuring actual ball fight.  Here are a few essential data points collected and necessary information for golfers to understand.  Learn these and you can improve your golf scores.

  • Being able to accurately determine how far each club actually travels is an essential part of being able to hit the ball closer to the pin or over hazards.  Most golfers only know how far the total distance is but not how far the ball carries.  Knowing how far the ball carries is more important then knowing how far the ball rolls out.  That is because the roll of the golf ball is going to change from course to course based on how soft or hard the conditions are.  So knowing that a driver for instance rolls out 275 yards but only carries 250 yards, helps make the decision of not trying to carry a bunker which is 260 yards away not only easy but extremely smart.
  • Knowing and ensuring that a golfer has consistent yardage gaps between all their clubs is necessary information.  What we don’t want is having a couple of clubs overlap or only have a few yards between them.  Having two clubs that basically go the same distance is ineffective in the grand scheme of things.
  •  TrackMan Golf helps ensure the science behind the ball-flight is maximized.  This is especially important in being able to hit the ball not only straight but also the furthest.  We as golfers have a specific preference to a manufacture but TrackMan really doesn’t care what manufacture you play.  It only provides you data concerning the ball flight.  So using a golf swing analysis software like TrackMan Golf can help you not only improve your golf game but improve your golf scores.
  • TrackMan Golf measures the most important aspect of the golf swing, the collision between the golf club and golf ball.  Precisely knowing this information and gaining a greater understanding of impact, makes improvement not only easier but potentially faster.  Just using your eyes to determine the mistake at impact, it virtually impossible because of the speed in which that is happening.

Using TrackMan Golf for improving the way a golfer practices is a valuable asset in building ball control skills.  TrackMan Golf tracks the flight of each shot, separates the various clubs being used so that the golfer can review all the data collected.  This is a amazing feature when it comes to building skill based on hitting stock shots or working the golf ball at various distances.

  • See how good you are in controlling the flight of your golf ball at different distances.  You can also see how good you are at hitting specialty shots.
  • Compare your game to those golfers throughout the world.  This is especially important for those golfers who are serious about taking their game to the next level.  Knowing where you stand against other helps you learn exactly what is needed to improve your game.
  • Competitive junior golfers who are looking to play at elite colleges will learn where they stand by taking the TrackMan combine test.  This combine test is something college coaches are looking at when it comes to recruiting.
New for the 2012 golf season is being able to rent TrackMan out for your practice sessions.  You know can use and improve your game with this game changing technology.  For more information on this please visit

These are only a few features that TrackMan offers.  To learn more about the benefits of incorporating TrackMan into your game visit 


Benchmarking – TrackMan Golf Combine Test

The TrackMan Combine test offers golfers of all ability levels a standardized test to measure their ball control skills against other golfers.  Performing this ball control test from the best golf swing analysis software in the golf industry is a must if your serious about your golf improvement.  So what is the TrackMan Combine test?

  1. Players hit shots to various distances (60 ,70 ,80 ,90 ,100 ,120 ,140 , 160, 180 yards) as well as hitting driver .
  2. Upon completion of test, each participant will receive the following feedback:
    1. Average distance away from the pin for each shot hit
    2. Average drive distance and distance away from center line
    3. A score for each distance and drives on a scale of 0-100
    4. Percentage rank for each distance and drives
    5. Combined score for entire test

Below are a few things that you will walk away with.

  • What you will learn from this test:
    • Which distance requires you to practice more at.
    • Which distance your good at compared to a golfer with a similar handicap or one that is better.  This is extremely important information to know especially if your serious about improving your golf scores.
    • Helps create a more precise player specific development program.  Golfers already put the time in to practice, so make that time more effective.  Improving specific distances during practice will certainly help you improve your ball control skills and lower your golf scores.
  • How and what to train better:
    • The combine test also provides you measured information on those essential data points that are directly relate to the ball flight laws.  Knowing which element of the D-Plane requires attention will help you improve as a golfer.

Use this link to find a TrackMan near you.  If your in the Rhode Island or Massachusetts area you can schedule your TrackMan Combine test here.  Learn exactly where the state of your game is and start on your road to golf improvement.

Golf Improvement with TrackMan Golf

Here is a great example of what I’ve been talking about in how important a player knowledge or understanding is.  Specifically one that focuses around the ability to control a golf ball. After reading this I’m pretty sure you’ll see the light on why TrackMan Golf is such an important tool in ones ability to improve as a golfer.  First and foremost it provides golfers quantifiable data and helps sets goals for a golfer to strive for, based specifically on the skills they need improvement on.  The quantifiable data I’m referring to is club path, face angle and plenty more that TrackMan is able to collect as well as store.  So going back after a few sessions to see improvement is easy.

Every golfer I’ve meet wants to improve their scores.  They should for that matter since that is what we all are truly being judged on.  Unfortunately, they really don’t have an exact plan in place or really know how to practice effectively.   So they set themselves on a journey searching for the perfect golf swing based on variables that differ from golfer to golfer.  That in my eyes really sets them up to hit a significant roadblock in their golf improvement.  If they would learn the essential skills necessary to create consistency in their swing, then the roadblock would be lifted and better golf scores would most certainly be in their future.

TrackMan Golf is the best golf swing analysis software available to coaches and golfers to use.  Getting a true golf swing evaluation on your current ball flight and golf swing will certainly shed some light on what is going on at the most important aspect of the golf swing, the moment of impact.  Having a coach that can measure the science behind the impact collision sets what is real and feel off and running in the same direction.  Right now, I see them very far apart from one another in too many golfers.  Even Tiger Woods, who is the best player to ever have played the game really didn’t know what really happens at the moment of truth (see video below and watch it for yourself).  Now that he has learned it and has work with Sean Foley on TrackMan, his ball striking at Bay Hill over the weekend was nothing short of amazing.  Especially on such difficult conditions the course provided the players on Sunday’s final round.  When was the last time Tiger hit the ball as consistent as he did?  I’m a big fan of him and don’t recall him ever being #1 in Total Driving.  I remember him hitting it pretty far but never a straight hitter.  I personally think that having a coach who uses TrackMan with him has certainly helped that part of Tiger’s game.  So take the time just like Tiger has and understand what the golf balls reacts too and start hitting the golf ball like never before.

TrackMan Golf with Video Integration

For as long as many of us can remember, video has always been an integral part of golf instruction.  What many don’t realize is that video really only captures the specific style of each player.  This is extremely evident if you have been following golf over the years, since no golfer has ever swung the club the same.  The key, which video doesn’t capture is the quality of the motion.  It’s impossible for video to capture this type of data since sensors are need to measure rotational speed and forces.  The forces I’m referring to are the ones that start from the ground with your feet, then move through the body and if done efficiently, deliver not only great speed but plenty of force into the back of the golf ball.  That my friends, can only being measured via 3D motion analysis software like K-Vest for instance.  This isn’t a motion analysis blog so I’m going to get right back to the topic at hand and will be discussing 3D motion shortly.

Video is and can be important since it is one of the three common categories of learning styles.  TrackMan for years has been recognized as the best ball flight tracking system on the planet and can seriously help a golfer accelerate their leaning process.  It accelerates learning because it measures what video can’t see, the collision between the golf ball and club.    Incorporating video into TrackMan’s already amazing data capture can really help that visual learner see the 3d images of ball flight, club path, face angle and plenty more layered into the video.  Now golfers can see their swing along side the indispensable data collected if the instructor choices to show them.  That 3D graphics overlay is an incredible addition and a vital tool for that visual learner.

Now that I’ve talked about how TrackMan can help that visual learner, I’m now going to talk about the second category of learning.  That second category is the person who needs audio communication to learn.  If you’re that golfer who only needs verbal commands such as your swinging to much from inside out or your getting step again, then TrackMan can help that golf accelerate their learning as well.  TrackMan Golf has an audio feature that speaks the specific data points the individual needs to hear in order to improve.  This gives the power back to the student to learn and figure out things pretty much on their own.  This type of learning is called “Discovery Learning” which is by far and away the best way to learn and own your swing.

The most amazing part of TrackMan, if you stop and really think about things, TrackMan can help every golfer improve unlike many training aids that are only designed for a specific fault.   The biggest reason I can say that is we all need to understand and learn exactly what the golf ball reacts to.  TrackMan also doesn’t care what method or style you decide to employ into your golf swing as long as it produces good impact alignments.  It only measures and displays the vital key factors that coincide with the ball flight laws.  So in all actuality, it only really cares about what the golf ball cares about.  Now if you can only get yourself to understand the key factors that go into controlling the flight of your golf ball then you will be able to break that ball striking barrier that currently faces you.

Shot-by-Shot Strategy

Now that I’ve showed you how I use TrackMan Golf to help golfers gain a clearer understand of ball flight patterns.  Now I’m going to take it one step further by discussing how to use those dispersion patterns and Shot-by-Shot statistics to maximize scoring opportunities.

Shot-by-Shot provides not only the golfer but the coach exact details to potential scoring issues that they are encountering on the course.  Not only will it show them, but it will explain in many specific parameters what’s necessary to improve ones scoring.  I know many coaches take their students out to play which is invaluable in my opinion.  But taking it one step further and being able to collect data from round after round is simply the best way to ensure the student is performing to their peak potential.  What I really like about the program is that students can enter the type of round it was.  Was it a tournament or non-tournament round?  Was it stroke play or match play?  This really helps the coach understand the changes if any actually happens between different competitions.  The data illustrates the weaknessess the players has, so player specific programs can be modified.

Between the data collected by TrackMan Golf and Shot-by-Shot, players and coaches will be able to devise course managements plans.  These plans will focus around the strengths of the player.  Being able to create strategies gives the player more confidence going into the round.  Having confidence in ones ability, let’s the golfer remove tension in their swing.  Removing tension creates a flowing swing that will ultimate help you control your ball from tee to green.

TrackMan Golf for Strategy Building

I’ll have students use TrackMan constantly during practice sessions.  What this does for us in my opinion is indispensable.  Rather then giving the committed player ball control drills to work on their own, I have them do their practice regimen  while TrackMan is collecting data.  This forces them to be discover concepts on their own and become self-reliant since I’m not hovering over their shoulder.  Once they are finished with their practice, we can sit down and look over the data.

Because TrackMan measures and records so many parameters, it allows us to become very precise in grading ball control skills.  By measuring what the ball actually does helps us obtain crucial dispersion patterns.  These patterns help us create course management tactics which will help them shoot lower scores on the course.  If the committed players has precise information on their patterns, this in my opinion, provides them a competitive advantage over a golfer who doesn’t have this information.   Watch the below video as I discuss dispersion patters and how it will help you on the golf course.

TrackMan Golf Approach Practice and Testing

TrackMan is a great way for students to gain a greater understand of their tendencies and strengths.  Being able to constantly use it for practice allows the committed golfer to dial in his accuracy with each club.  What this type of practice does is increase the golfers confidence in his ability to execute shots under some pressure.  Not only that, but it benchmarks the players ability and provides them something specific to improve.

Watch as I go through approach practice and approach test with my game day golf ball.  Learning if your game day golf ball maximizes your accuracy and distance is vital in improving your results on the course.   Maybe changing your current golf ball is all you need?  You won’t know till you test it and compare it to others.

TrackMan Golf Will Help Your Game!

I’m sure by now you have heard about Trackman and how important it’s been to the game of golf.  This isn’t going to be completely about that, but it will be about one of its applications.  Hopefully this will shed some light on those of you who have not used Trackman yet and for those of you who have, excellent, because you already know how great it is.

The application I’m talking about is the approach test.  This is an unbelievable application in determining your average distance from the pin while creating pressure that is found on the golf course.

Basically this is how it works.  I’ll ask the student to grab a scoring club and to give me a carry yardage for it.  I’ve actually already had some of them tell me they are not sure.  That is a problem all in itself.  How do you expect to hit it close if you don’t know how far you actually carry the golf ball?  When I get that response, it becomes an easy fix.  I’ll go through a quick gapping report with them so they can have those numbers.

Now back to the approach test application.  TrackMan will create virtual target circles at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 yards from center pin for the golfer to see on the computer screen.  Golfers then get to hit 10 golf balls to their specific carry yardage.  While the progression of the 10 golf balls is being hit, TrackMan produces a handicap for that distance being tested based on the distance your shot landed from the center pin.  Each golf ball hit is tracked, as well as its data being saved, for a complete PDF summary.  This is great to come back for review to ensure progress is being attained.

By the time the test ends, you will know exactly what your handicap is for that distance along with your average distance away from the pin.  This information obtained during the test is vital in achieving lower golf scores.

Why is this information so vital?  Well how to do expect to consistently shoot lower scores if your average distance from the pin is outside of 30 feet for a scoring club?  In 2010, Paul Stankowski led the PGA Tour by making 2 percent of his 25 attempts from 30-35’.  How many of those putts do you actually expect to make?  Where would you think the personalized plan should start with knowing this information?  To me it would start with the clubs that effect scoring the most, wouldn’t you agree?