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Where Will Your Driver Take You?

Every golfer is infatuated with creating more distance even though it doesn’t directly lead to improving your golf scores.  Hitting more fairways is always a better start to shooting consistent scores.  Every manufacture knows that hitting fairways is more important then overall distance, especially if the longer distance means longer in the woods.  They know that, we know that, then why do they focus their marketing techniques to create a major buzz on distance?  Maybe it has to do with their 2012 product line is now available and hitting projected sales is the big picture?

Honestly, if your driver is properly fitted to your swing and it’s a few years old, gaining a tremendous amount of distance isn’t in the cards.  To gain that additional distance comes from improving energy transfer in the golf swing.  So what you really need is a golf coach to help you with that and not a new driver.  The real and most important question is how consistent can you hit your current driver?  What if their was a way to improve the consistency of your current gamer?  I really think somebody has found a way and it’s slowly taking the professional ranks by storm.

TrueAim will help improve the consistency of your current driver.

The TrueAim concept was developed by two putting teachers who are friends of mine.  They took and used their knowledge in putter fittings and developed a driver fitting system to help a golfer learn how to aim the driver face more consistently.  They have merged the feel of where the club is aiming to being closer to where it actually is.  What that has done has improved the D-Plane of a golfers swing by bringing in the vectors closer together that control the spin axis.  Reduce the amount of spin axis an the golfer will improve accuracy and consistency.  It really is that simple.

When we first talked, I was very skeptical that a alignment decal would help a golfer hit more fairways and not have to purchase a new driver.  Being that they are friends of mine, I decided that it would not hurt to give it a shot.  After doing some extensive testing on myself with TrackMan and visiting my club fitter  to test the product on FlightScope (maybe you have seen my TrueAim videos on my youtube channel), I’m completely convinced that the product works.  So far I’ve tested 3 different players with various skills levels and the results have been nothing short of astonishing.  Each of us improved accuracy and two of us increased driver distance.  Seriously, who would of thought that a decal would make such a huge change?  I for one didn’t, but it is difficult to argue with what the TrackMan golf launch monitor data.  It nor I certainly don’t care what driver model your playing or want to play.  It just tracks the flight of the golf balls hit and displays the results.

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TrueAim Testing video