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Benchmarking – TrackMan Golf Combine Test

The TrackMan Combine test offers golfers of all ability levels a standardized test to measure their ball control skills against other golfers.  Performing this ball control test from the best golf swing analysis software in the golf industry is a must if your serious about your golf improvement.  So what is the TrackMan Combine test?

  1. Players hit shots to various distances (60 ,70 ,80 ,90 ,100 ,120 ,140 , 160, 180 yards) as well as hitting driver .
  2. Upon completion of test, each participant will receive the following feedback:
    1. Average distance away from the pin for each shot hit
    2. Average drive distance and distance away from center line
    3. A score for each distance and drives on a scale of 0-100
    4. Percentage rank for each distance and drives
    5. Combined score for entire test

Below are a few things that you will walk away with.

  • What you will learn from this test:
    • Which distance requires you to practice more at.
    • Which distance your good at compared to a golfer with a similar handicap or one that is better.  This is extremely important information to know especially if your serious about improving your golf scores.
    • Helps create a more precise player specific development program.  Golfers already put the time in to practice, so make that time more effective.  Improving specific distances during practice will certainly help you improve your ball control skills and lower your golf scores.
  • How and what to train better:
    • The combine test also provides you measured information on those essential data points that are directly relate to the ball flight laws.  Knowing which element of the D-Plane requires attention will help you improve as a golfer.

Use this link to find a TrackMan near you.  If your in the Rhode Island or Massachusetts area you can schedule your TrackMan Combine test here.  Learn exactly where the state of your game is and start on your road to golf improvement.


Golf is a Game of Skills

Playing consistent golf is more then just trying to develop a good looking golf swing.  Golf as a whole, requires individual skills sets in the grand scheme of things.  Golf as the game, can easily be broken down into these categories:

In each of these categories golfers have various skill levels.  The key to improving your scores is finding out which skills you need help with.  Retaining the services of a certified golf coach will not only help you figure that out, but will help you improve them.  To often golf lessons focus just on swing mechanics.  They spent to much time trying to build the most picture perfect swing on video.  Clearly if you have been following golf since it’s creation, you would see that no two touring professionals have ever swung the same.  They have developed certain essential skills in their swing to control the moment of impact, which in return, controls the flight of the golf ball.

In the following blogs I’ll be discussing these categories more and sharing some insights that will help you develop skills necessary to become skillful in those categories.  You may not need to read or even follow all of them but I’m very certain that you do need help in a some categories.